Public Works

Public Works Director
James Rigdon

Office Address
730 Grove Street
Barnesville, GA 30204



Department Information

Lamar County Public Works is committed to providing the best service possible. Please complete the form below if you are in need of road maintenance. Be as detailed as possible about the location of the work to be performed and the type of work needed. Your phone number is needed in the event our Public Works Department needs to contact you with any questions. All information is kept confidential. Work orders will be completed in a timely manner.

A Culvert can be purchased through the Planning and Community Development. (Formerly known as Building and Zoning)

The number to call is 770-358-5364.






Work Orders

Complete the form below to submit a work order for road maintenance. Please submit only one work order per request! Be as detailed as possible about the location of the problem and the type of work requesting. All information is kept confidential and used only to contact you in the event of questions.

Scrape RoadAdd GravelFix PotholesCut Right-of-WayClean Out CulvertOther

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