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Lamar County Ordinances

Ordinance 2015-01Health Ordinance
Ordinance 2015-02Alcohol Ordinance
Ordinance 2016-01Personnel Policy Ordinance
Ordinance 2017-01Needleleaf Ordinance
Ordinance 2017-02Animal Control-DRAFT
Ordinance 2017-03Right of Way-Locations Ordinance
Ordinance 2017-04Right of Way-Accommodations
Ordinance 2017-05 Media Ordinance
Ordinance 2017-06 Rezoning American Forest Ordinance
Ordinance 2017-07 Proposed Rezoning of Official Zoning Map
Ordinance 2017-07 Conditional Zoning for the Proposed Rezoning of the Official Zoning Map
Ordinance 2018-01Rezoning of Parcel 085 Tax Map 086
Ordinance 2018-02Rezoning of Parcel 083 Tax Map 036
Ordinance 2018-031st Reading of Erosion and Sedimentation and Pollution Control
Ordinance 2018-032nd Reading of Erosion and Sedimentation and Pollution Control
Ordinance 2018-04Fisher Holloway Properties, LLC
Ordinance 2018-05314 Barnesville, LLC
Ordinance 2018-06 David Johnson
Ordinance 2018-07 Shereen &Tom Crowley
Ordinance 2018-08 Use of County Property Prohibited
Ordinance 2018-09 Zotti Investments
Ordinance 2018-10 Van Mar Park, LLC
Ordinance 2018-11Jeremy Paul Wallace
2019-01 VOID -N/A
Ordinance 2019-02Lawrence Fuller
Ordinance 2019-03Lawrence Fuller
Ordinance 2019-04Burhan Khudatberdiyev
Ordinance 2019-05SLR Properties
Ordinance 2019-06Alcohol Sunday Sales
Ordinance 2019-07Light Reflective Signs
Ordinance 2019-08Specification for Roads
Ordinance 2019-09Amendment of Zoning Ordinance
Ordinance 2019-10 Bankston Properties
2019-11-VOID VOID N/A
Ordinance 2019-12 Hotel Motel Excise Tax
Ordinance 2019-13Second Reading Alcohol Beverage Ordinance
Alcohol FeesAlcohol Fees
Ordinance 2019-14First Reading Occupational Tax
Proposed Occupation Tax Permit FeesFees: Occupational Tax Permits
(Business License)
Ordinance 2019-15First Reading-Transient/Peddlers