With SPLOST, one penny makes a huge difference!

The Power of a Penny…

Who would have ever thought that the lowly penny could be such a powerful agent of change? With SPLOST, it’s a distinct reality. The Lamar County Board of Commissioners are collecting ideas for the next SPLOST project, known as SPLOST III, which will run from 2018 to 2023. The Board will work hard to support, provide, protect, and work with all citizens for the betterment of Lamar County. Any suggestions you may have for the upcoming SPLOST projects are welcome!

View our SPLOST Brochure to view current projects!

Revenue from SPLOST will allow the county and cities to:

1. Upgrade fire department equipment to improve safety
2. Purchase new patrol cars
3. Resurface and maintain roads
4. Improve storm drainage
5. Purchase heavy equipment for public works
6. Repair and renovate civic buildings
7. Improve water and sewer infrastructure
8. Construct county animal shelter
9. Expand and improve parks

Other Information

This is not an additional tax, it would be a continuation of the current SPLOST. Collections will not begin until the current SPLOST ends. Sales tax is paid by everyone that shops in Lamar County, including visitors. Proceeds will be split between the county and the cities. Without this revenue the county and cities will likely have to increase property taxes to meet the needs.


2018-SPLOST-Annual-Report for Dec 2023